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How Play Therapy Helps Heal Childhood Trauma

At his first appointment at the Center for Child Counseling for childhood trauma, 8-year-old Thomas* asked his trauma therapist if she “liked to hurt kids, too.” Thomas had been bullied and physically abused by a much-older stepbrother. Often, young children cannot explain or even understand what’s bothering them and they may struggle to verbally express themselves. Their language is play. Stressful or traumatic events – referred to as Adverse Childhood Experiences, or ACEs – can become evident
Infrared Consulting Services

Dangers of Wet Insulation in a Commercial Roof

Roof moisture may appear to dry in the sun and wind. Yet, once roofing insulation gets wet, hazardous and costly problems get started almost immediately. A commercial roof inspection using IR thermography is imperative to detect and stop these potentially devastating issues in their tracks. Do you know why you can’t just fix a leak, but have to remove any wet insulation, too? It’s because water conducts energy, so instead of keeping energy inside the building, insulation that’s wet takes it out